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sight rhyme

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Also see: rhyme

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Sense: Noun: power of seeing
vision , eyesight, eye , range of vision, field of vision, field of view, clear sight, good sight, keen sight
Sense: Noun: look
view , look , glance , glimpse , peek , gander (slang), eyeful (slang)
Sense: Noun: local points of interest - usually plural
local scene, points of interest, landmarks, attractions, tourist sights, place of interest
Sense: Noun: anything worth seeing
spectacle, display , show , view , landscape , scenery , scene , presentation , amusement , curiosity
Sense: Noun: anything unsightly
eyesore, mess (informal), horror , monstrosity, fright , blot on the landscape
Sense: Verb: observe
see , observe, make out, notice , spot , spy (literary), discern, detect , pick out, witness , perceive , look at, distinguish , behold , catch a glimpse of, catch sight of, clap eyes on (slang), lay eyes on (informal), clock (slang)


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