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say goodbye

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Sense: Verb: express in words
speak , utter , come out with (informal), state , reply , comment , remark , mention , pronounce , voice , mumble , mutter , convey , announce, declare , proclaim, exclaim, recite, verbalize, verbalise (UK), vocalize, vocalise (UK), answer , respond , express , give voice to, put sth into words, find the words for, retort, come back with (informal), shoot back (informal), snap back, whisper , add , interject
Sense: Verb: give your opinion
disclose , divulge, tell , reveal , opine (formal), profess, contend , affirm, assert, claim , avow, attest , maintain , protest , argue , insist, put forth, put sth out there (informal)
Sense: Verb: show or indicate
show , indicate, read , display , signal , announce, advertise , advertize (US), denote, herald , give an indication of, tell
Sense: Verb: suggest
suggest , imply , hint , insinuate, seem to suggest, mean , give away, lead sb to believe
Sense: Verb: suppose
suppose , imagine , assume , presume , posit, postulate, take sth for granted
Sense: Verb: estimate
guess , reckon (informal), estimate , hazard a guess, take a guess, put it at (informal), guesstimate (informal), calculate, judge , conclude , gauge , imagine
Sense: Noun: authority or influence
authority , influence , voice , weight , sway , clout (informal), chance to speak, turn to speak, vote

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