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look away


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Sense: Noun: quick glance
glance , glimpse , peek , peep , scan , the eye (informal), quick glance, quick look, sneak peek (informal), look-see (informal), eyeful (slang)
Sense: Noun: inspection
inspection , examination , scrutiny , once-over, observation, gander (slang), gawp, searching gaze, penetrating gaze, gaze , stare , perusal, close observation, close look, in-depth look, good long look (informal), squiz (slang)
Sense: Noun: facial expression
expression , facial expression, face , look on sb's face, black look, dirty look (informal), withering look, quizzical look
Sense: Noun: appearance
appearance , aspect , looks, expression , style , air , demeanor , demeanour (UK), effect , mien (literary)
Sense: Verb: endeavor to see - often followed by 'at'
gaze , glance , scan , peer , watch , observe, inspect, stare , survey , view , ogle (informal), gawp, gawk (UK), scrutinize, scrutinise (UK), check out (slang), peek , take a look, have a look, take a peek (informal), take a peep, turn your eyes upon, turn your gaze toward, look on, look at, look upon (literary), take a gander (slang), get a load of (slang), get an eyeful of (slang), have a look-see (informal), take a squiz (slang)
Sense: Verb: search - often followed by 'for', 'around', etc.
take a look, have a look, search , seek , hunt , rummage, forage, root around, scout around, be on the lookout, keep on the lookout, stay on the lookout, track down
Sense: Verb: appear
seem , seem to be, appear , appear to be, look like, look as if, resemble , strike sb as, come across as
Sense: Verb: face - followed by 'to', etc.
look to, look out on, look out over, face , front , give onto, overlook , be opposite
Sense: Verb: hope or plan - followed by 'to', informal
intend to, hope to, plan to, plan on (informal), seek to, anticipate, expect to, reckon on, want to, count on (informal)

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