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in ordinary usage

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Sense: Preposition: within
within , inside , indoors, inside of, surrounded by, in the midst of, within the boundaries of, in the area of, enclosed in, within the time of, as a part of, in the vicinity of
Sense: Preposition: into
into, in the direction of, to the center of, into the midst of
Sense: Preposition: while engaged in
during, while, in the act of, in the middle of, during the process of, while occupied with
Sense: Preposition: per
per, out of, of , of every, in every, out of every, for, in each
Sense: Adjective: present
present , attending, available , at home, at work
Sense: Adjective: in fashion - slang
in fashion, fashionable , trendy , hip (slang), happening (slang), hot (slang), stylish , popular , chic , in vogue, vogue, a la mode, in favor, in favour (UK), all the rage (informal)
Sense: Adverb: indoors
indoors, inside , in the house, at home, home , in the home


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