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garden party

UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈgɑːrdənpɑːrti/

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Also see: party

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Sense: Noun: plot of land for growing plants
garden plot, herb garden, kitchen garden, plot of land, flower garden, flower beds, allotment (UK), vegetable patch, vegetable garden
Sense: Noun: private outdoor space - UK
lawn , yard (US), backyard (US), back yard (US), back garden (UK), front garden (UK), beer garden, grass , patio, terrace , courtyard , walled garden
Sense: Noun: large outdoor space
park , landscape garden, municipal gardens, municipal park (US), metropolitan park, city park, tea garden, botanic garden, botanical garden, English garden, country garden, urban park, ornamental garden, zoological garden (formal)
Sense: Noun: entertainment venue - often plural
hall , theater, theatre (UK), arena , amphitheater, auditorium, amphitheatre (UK), pier building, venue , entertainment venue, entertainment complex

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