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for the sake of

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Sense: Preposition: in favor of
in favor of, in favour of (UK), in support of, pro, all for (informal), behind
Sense: Preposition: on behalf of
on behalf of, on the part of, in the name of, representing, pp, p.p., in place of, in sb's stead
Sense: Preposition: over a period of
over a period of, throughout , during, over
Sense: Preposition: towards
toward, towards, to , in the direction of
Sense: Preposition: because of
because of, due to, on account of, owing to, down to (informal)
Sense: Conjunction: because - literary
because, as , since , 'cause (informal), seeing that, considering , being that, being as, on the grounds that, 'cos (informal)

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