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Sense: Verb: add up
add up, add , total , tally , compute, reckon , number , sum , calculate, score , keep score of, keep track of, tot up (UK, informal), measure , numerate, enumerate, count down, count up, count off, count out
Sense: Verb: include
include , take account of, factor in, allow for, not leave out, not omit, reckon in
Sense: Verb: matter
matter , be important, be valid, carry weight, qualify , weigh , be significant
Sense: Verb: consider
consider , see , view , think of, regard , rate , deem (formal), judge , look upon (formal), class
Sense: Noun: total
total , number , tally , sum , calculation, reckoning , result , toll , computation, whole , full complement, total number, total amount, total quantity, entirety
Sense: Noun: member of the nobility
nobleman, peer , aristocrat, gentleman , earl , duke, toff (UK, slang), posho (UK, slang), blueblood (slang), countess, member of the nobility, peer of the realm


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