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bind up

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Sense: Verb: constrain with bonds
tie up, tie , truss, truss up, shackle, tether , strap , chain , leash , lash , lash down, manacle, restrain , constrict, confine , handcuff, fetter, clamp , cinch, hitch , yoke , pin down, pinion, peg down, hobble, hogtie, moor , enchain, enfetter, trammel
Sense: Verb: secure
attach , secure , adhere , fasten , connect , hold , stick , glue , join , fix , affix, hold sth together, tape
Sense: Verb: bandage
bandage , dress , wrap , swathe, tape , strap up, swaddle
Sense: Noun: quandary
quandary, dilemma, predicament , jam (informal), fix (informal), pickle (informal), tight spot (informal), stew (informal), tight situation, trouble , difficulty , difficult situation, dire straits, plight
Sense: Verb: obligate or restrict
obligate, oblige, force , make , require , compel , constrain , restrict , confine

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