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adult education

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Sense: Noun: grown-up human or animal
grown-up, man , woman , grown woman, grown man, legal adult, full-grown man, full-grown woman, fully-grown woman, fully-grown man, mature female, mature male, young adult, young woman, young man, middle-aged man, middle-aged woman, grown-up person, responsible adult, old man, old woman, mature animal, adult human, elderly woman, elderly man, a man grown (literary, archaic), a woman grown (literary, archaic), woman of a certain age
Sense: Adjective: fully developed
mature , grown , fully grown, full-grown, grown-up, fully-fledged, developed , fully developed, fully matured, ripe , matured, full-blown, middle-aged, of a certain age
Sense: Adjective: displaying mature qualities
mature , grown-up
Sense: Adjective: pornographic
pornographic, X-rated, erotic, naughty (informal), sexy , smutty (informal), risqué, racy (informal), sexually explicit, blue (informal), obscene, lewd , softcore, soft-core, hard-core, hardcore, porn (informal), porno (informal), porny (informal), dirty (informal), suggestive, vulgar, rude

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