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West Bank

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Sense: modif.
facing west, westernly, in the west, westernmost, westerly, westward, western , occident, Pacific Northwest, southwest, West Coast, Western Hemisphere, Westland, wild West, northwest, northwesterly, northwestern, occidental, southwesterly, southwestern, sunset , westabout, westbound, wester, westwardly, westwards
Sense: n.
occident, westward, sunset , direction , compass point, cardinal point
Sense: Western Hemisphere
New World, the Americas, North and South America, America , NATO
Sense: European and American Culture
Occident, Western civilization, Christian society, Europe
Sense: Western United States; especially the cowboy and mining culture
the range, Rocky Mountain country, Far West, Northwest, Southwest, where men are men, wild-and-woolly country, the wide open spaces, cow country, buffalo range


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