'A', 'a': [strong: [eɪ], weak: [ə]]

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edge, brink, verge
  avenue, street
  approval, yes
가격 인상 price increase, markup
가계 family budget, family finances
  family line, pedigree
가곡 song, opera aria
가까이에 nearby, close to
  at hand
가깝다 be near to, be close to
가능 possibility, feasibility
가능하게 하다 enable, make possible
가동률 operating ratio, available rate
가득찬 loaded, filled with
가득하다 be full of, be packed
가라앉다 sink, go under
  calm down
가래 sputum, phlegm
가령 assuming, such as
가로 width
  avenue, street, road
가로등 streetlight, street lamp
가리개 screen, shade, blindfold
가리키다 point, indicate
가명 false name, assumed name
가미 seasoning, flavoring
가벼운 식사 a light meal, snack, refreshment
가변성 variability, changeability
가볍게 lightly, softly
  slightly, easily
가설 hypothesis
  construction, installation
가시돋친 harsh, hurtful
가시돋친 말 barbed words
가시적 visible, visual, tangible
가식 pretence, pretension, affectation
가오리 ray, stingray
가장하다 disguise, impersonate
가짜의 fake, false
가하다 apply
  add, increase
가해자 attacker, assailant
가혹하게 harshly, severely, brutally
가혹한 harsh, severe, brutal
각오 determination, resolution
각종 all sorts of, various
간격 interval, spacing
간담 liver and gall
  inmost feelings, innermost heart
간신히 barely, narrowly, scarcely
간이식당 snack bar, cafeteria
간장 soy sauce
간접적인 indirect, roundabout
간청 plea, appeal, entreaty
갈고리 hook, gaff
갈다 change, replace, renew
  grind, sharpen
갈래 part, section
  braid, pigtail
갈망하다 long for, be anxious to
갈아타다 change, transfer
갈채 applause, cheers, acclamation
갈퀴 rake, fork
감각적인 sensual, sensuous, sensible
감당할 수 없는 far beyond, out of hand
감당할수 없다 be far beyond, be out of
감미 sweetness, sweet taste
감미로운 sweet, sugary, mellow
감사하다 appreciate, thank, be thankful, be grateful
감사하여 thankfully, gratefully
  with appreciation, in gratitude to
감상자 viewer, appreciator
감상적인 sentimental, emotional
감상하다 appreciate, admire, enjoy
감소시키다 decrease, reduce
감소하는 decreasing, shrinking, declining
감소하다 decrease, decline, drop
감속 deceleration, reduction
감수 supervision
  taking a risk
감수하다 supervise, inspect
  bear, endure
감시 monitoring, surveillance
감시인 watchman, guard, keeper
감시하다 watch, guard
감싸다 protect, cover, shield
감정가 estimated value, appraised value
감정하다 appraise
  analyze, identify
감지하다 sense, perceive, be aware of
감축 reduction, cutback, downsizing
감탄하다 admire, impress
감행하다 execute, carry out
case, box, pack
갑각류 shellfish, crustacean
price, value
값싼 cheap, inexpensive, low-priced
값을 매기다 price, set value
값이 싼 cheap, inexpensive
값진 valuable, precious
강당 lecture hall
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