UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciations'SAT': /UK: /ˌɛseɪˈtiː/, US: /'sæt//; 'sat': //ˈsæt//

US:USA pronuncation: IPAUSA pronuncation: IPA/sæt/

US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling((v. sat; n. sut))

From the verb sit: (⇒ conjugate)
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v past
v past p
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WordReference English-Korean Dictionary © 2020:

SAT | Sat | sit
다재다능 versatility, versatile talents
담화 talk, conversation, discourse
만족스럽다 be satisfied with, be pleased with
만족시키다 satisfy, please
밀담 confidential conversation, secret conversation
벌충 compensate, make up
불만 dissatisfaction, discontent, complaint
비꼬는 sarcastic, ironic, satiric
비꼬다 be sarcastic, be ironic, be satiric
선정적 catchy, sensational, suggestive
소통 communication, conversation
순조롭다 be smooth, be favorable, be satisfactory
자책 condemnation, accusation
지각 lateness, tardiness
  perception, awareness, sensation
충족시키다 satisfy, gratify, meet
포화 saturation
  gunfire, fire
풍자하다 satirize, lampoon
성 관계후에 느끼는 만족감 sexual satisfaction, afterglow
학습능력적성시험 SAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test
못마땅해하는 dissatisfied, disapproving
충족 상태 satisfaction, fullness
끝없는 욕망 insatiable desire, unbounded desire
다재다능한 versatile, well rounded, all-round
뿌듯한 proud, satisfied
충족되는 fulfilled, satisfied
풍자적인 ironic, sarcastic, satirical
다가 불포화 지방산 polyhydric unsaturated fatty acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid
색의 포화도 color saturation
힐문하는 accusatory, accusing
농업의 신 Saturn, god of agriculture
돌풍을 일으키다 create a sensation
대만족 great satisfaction
대화 dialogue, conversation, talk
대화하다 talk with (to), have a conversation
만족 satisfaction, contentment
만족하다 be satisfied with, be pleased with
만족한 satisfactory, gratified, pleased
악마 Satan, devil, demon
안주 snack, munchies, accompaniment
  complacency, satisfaction
얘기 story, talk, conversation
원죄 false charge, false accusation
통화 call, telephone conversation
거지같은 rubbish, beggarly
  unpleasant, unsatisfactory, wretched
배상하다 compensate, pay for
보상받다 be compensated for, receive a reward, be rewarded with
안주하다 settle for, be satisfied with
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WordReference English-Korean Dictionary © 2020:

SAT | Sat | sit
감성 sensitivity, sensibility
감수성 sensibility, sensitivity
공직 public office, official position
과도기 transitional period
관광객 tourist, visitor, traveler
관대함 generosity, tolerance
관용 tolerance, generosity
광휘 splendor, brightness, luminosity
기질 disposition, temperament
낙관적인 optimistic, positive
낙천적인 optimistic, positive
난감한 상황 difficult situation, helpless situation, hot potato
다양성 diversity, variety
당위성 appropriateness, necessity, mandate
대립 opposition
  conflict, confrontation
대학교 university, college
대학 학장 dean of university
망설이다 hesitate, waver, dither
머뭇거리다 hesitate, waver, dither
박람회 exhibition, exposition
반감 hostility, antagonism, animosity
반대 opposite, contrary
반대쪽에 on the opposite side, on the other side
반대편 opposite side
변천 change, transition
보관소 depository, archive
보증금 deposit, security deposit
부과 imposition, levying
분해 decomposition, disassembly, dismantlement
비대 obesity, fatness
비만 obesity, overweight
사태 situation, state of affairs
생필품 daily necessities, necessaries
섬세한 delicate, subtle, exquisite
성교 체위 sexual position
성향 tendency, disposition, propensity
세태 social situations, social conditions
순방 visit, tour
thickness, density, richness
신분 position, status, rank
알을 품다 incubate eggs, brood, sit on
여행지 travel destination, tourist site
역경 adversity, hardship
우유부단 indecision, indetermination, hesitation
위치하다 be located, be situated
유독성 toxicity, venenosity
입수 acquisition, obtainment
입장 position, situation, stance
  admission, entrance
자릿수 digit number, figure, positional number
저축 saving, deposit
적극성 activeness, positivity, aggressiveness
적극적 active, positive, aggressive
적대심 hostility, antagonism, animosity
전제 premise, prerequisite
전제하다 premise, prerequisite
절묘한 exquisite, excellent, superb
점착 viscosity, adhesion, cohesion
점착력 adhesive power, viscosity
점착성 adhesion, viscosity, stickiness
정규직 regular worker, full-time position
정반대 complete opposite
정상 체위 missionary position
주저 hesitation, indecision
직책 duty, job, position
sap, resin, gum
  camp, position
진형 formation, disposition
체위 position, posture
침전하다 settle, be deposited
site, lot
포괄성 inclusiveness, extensivity, diversity
필수품 necessity, essential goods
필요품 requisite, necessary
학부 undergraduate studies, college, university
합성 synthesis, composite
현장 site, field, site
현지 on-site, on-the-spot
소심함 shyness, timidity, meticulosity
부득이 ~하게 하다 necessitate, make necessary
전제 조건 precondition, prerequisite
자신없는 hesitant, unconfident
저금하다 save, deposit
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