English Dictionary Abbreviations

Abbreviations in general use, such as 'etc.', 'i.e.', and 'p.m.', are listed and explained as entries in the dictionary itself.

abbrev. abbreviation
Aborig. Aboriginal
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
Afr. African
Afrik. Afrikaans
alt. alteration, altered
Amer. American
appar. apparently
Arab. Arabic
assoc. associated, association
aux. auxiliary
b. born
back-form. back-formation
C (as in C18, C19, etc.) century
Canad. Canadian
cent. century
cf. compare with
Chin. Chinese
colloq. colloquial
comb. form combining form
compar. comparative
conj. conjunction
contr. contraction
corresp. corresponding
Dan. Danish
det. determiner
dial. dialect
dimin. diminutive
Du. Dutch
E. East
eccles. ecclesiastical
Engl. English
exclam. exclamation
fem. feminine
Fr. French
freq. frequently
Ger. German
Gk Greek
Gmc Germanic
Heb. Hebrew
imper. imperative
Ind. Indian
Indo-Eur. Indo-European
infin. infinitive
interrog. interrogative
Ir. Irish
Ital. Italian
L. Latin
Latin Amer. Sp. Latin American Spanish
lit. literally
masc. masculine
MDu. Middle Dutch
ME Middle English
med. medieval
Mex. Sp. Mexican Spanish
Mid. High Ger. Middle High German
Mid. Low Ger. Middle Low German
mod. modern
n. noun
N. North
naut. nautical
neg. negative
neut. neuter
north. Engl. northern English
Norw. Norwegian
obs. obsolete
OE Old English
OFr. Old French
ON Old Norse
Old North. Fr. Old Northern French
orig. originally
part. participle
perh. perhaps
Pers. Persian
phr. phrase
phrs phrases
pl. plural
pop. popular
Port. Portuguese
possess. possessive
postpos. postpositive
predet. predeterminer
prep. preposition
pres. present
prob. probably
pron. pronoun
pronunc. pronunciation
ref. reference
rel. related
Russ. Russian
S. South
Sc. Scottish
Scand. Scandinavian
sing. singular
sl. slang
Sp. Spanish
Swed. Swedish
symb. symbol
Turk. Turkish
ult. ultimately
usu. usually
v. verb
var. variant
vars variants
W. West