'A', 'a': strong: [eɪ], weak: [ə]

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صيغ مركبة:
أَبْرَقَ wire (verb)
  send a telegraph, send a telegram
  lightning (verb)
أدَّى خِدْمَةً render a service
  do [sb] a favor, do [sb] a favour
أَدَّى دَيْنًا pay a debt
أَدْلَى بِدَلْوِهِ make a declaration, make a statement
أدْلَى بِشَهَادَتِهِ testify, give a testimony
أَدْلَى بِصَوْتِهِ vote, cast a vote, cast a ballot
اِتَّعَظَ learn a lesson
أَتْقَنَ perfect (verb)
  be skilled in, have a command of, master
إِثْرَ following, as a result of
أَجْرَمَ commit a crime
اِحْتَاطَ just in case, as a precaution
اِحْتَجَّ protest (verb)
  object (verb)
  as an excuse, as a pretext
اِحْتِجَاج protest, protesting
  objection, objecting
  as an excuse, as a pretext
اِحْتِرَاف professionalism
  becoming a professional
اِحْتَرَفَ become a professional
اِحْتَكَمَ appeal to, go to (in a legal matter)
اِحْتِيَاط as a precaution, just in case
أَحْسَنَ do well, do a good job
  do good
أَخْطَأَ make a mistake, err
أَذَاقَ give [sb] a taste, let [sb] taste
اِرْتَبَطَ be connected to, be linked to
  be correlated with
  start a (romantic) relationship with
اِرْتِزَاق earning a living
  making a living
اِرْتَزَقَ earn a living
  make a living
أَرْمَلَ make [sb] a widow, make [sb] a widower
أَزْكَمَ give [sb] a cold
أَزْمَنَ be chronic
  stay for a while
اِسْتَبَاحَ sanction (a killing)
  plunder (a place)
اِسْتِبَاحَة sanctioning (a killing)
  plundering (a place)
اِسْتِبْشار taking as a good sign
  rejoicing in
اِسْتَبْشَرَ take as a good sign
  rejoice in
اِسْتَحَمَّ bathe, take a bath
اِسْتِحْمَام bathing, taking a bath
اِسْتَدَلَّ infer
  ask [sth] for directions
  follow (to reach a destination)
اِسْتَرَاحَ rest, take a break
اِسْتِرْجَاع recovery, recalling
  recollecting (a memory)
اِسْتَرْجَعَ recover, recall
  bring back (a memory)
اِسْتِرْزَاق trying to make a living
اِسْتَرْزَقَ try to make a living
اُسْتُشْهِدَ die as a martyr
اِسْتَشْهَدَ die as a martyr
  quote, cite
اِسْتَفْتَى hold a referendum, poll (verb)
اِسْتِقَاء asking [sb] for a drink
  drawing water from [sth]
  taking from, obtaining from
اِسْتَقَلَّ become independent
  board (a vehicle)
اِسْتِقْلَال independence
  boarding (a vehicle)
اِسْتَقَى ask [sb] for a drink
  draw water from [sth]
  take from, obtain from
اِسْتَلَّ draw (a sword)
اِسْتَنَدَ use [sth] as a base
  lean on
أَسْقَطَ drop
  project (verb)
  have a miscarriage
اِسْمَرّ get a tan
اِسْمِرَار getting a tan
اِشْتَبَكَ get into a conflict
  get embroiled
إِشْرَاك involvement, involving, making [sb] a partner
  polytheism (Islam)
أَشْرَكَ involve, make [sb] a partner
أَظَلَّ overshade
  cast a shadow
اِعْتَصَمَ participate in a sit-in
اِغْتِسَال washing, taking a bath
اِغْتَسَلَ wash, take a bath
إِفْتَاء issuing a fatwa (Islam)
أَفْتَى issue a fatwa (Islam)
أَقَّتَ set a time for
إِكْثَار increasing, having a lot of, doing too much of [sth]
اِلْتِحَاء growing a beard
اِلْتَحَى grow a beard
اِلْتِقَاط catching
  taking (a picture)
اِلْتَقَطَ catch
  take (a picture)
اِمْتِهَان practising (a profession), practicing (a profession)
اِمْتَهَنَ practise (a profession), practice (a profession)
أَنَابَ appoint [sb] as a proxy, appoint [sb] as a substitute
إِنَابَة appointing [sb] as a proxy, appointing [sb] as a substitute
اِنْتِدَاب appointing [sb] as a proxy, appointing [sb] as a substitute
اِنْتَدَبَ appoint [sb] as a proxy, appoint [sb] as a substitute
  have a mandate over
اِنْتِسَاب joining, becoming a member
اِنْتَسَبَ join, become a member
اِنْتِمَاء belonging
  being a member
اِنْتَمَى belong
  be a member
اِنْعَطَفَ turn (verb), make a turn
إِنْغَاص giving [sb] a hard time, making [sb]'s life miserable
أَنْغَصَ give [sb] a hard time, make [sb]'s life miserable
أَوْصَلَ deliver
  give [sb] a ride
أَوْلَمَ banquet (verb), host a banquet for
إِيصَال delivering
  giving [sb] a ride
اِئْتَلَفَ form a coalition
  be in harmony, live in harmony
بِئْس what a bad...
من بابٍ أولى with all the more reason,the more so
  a fortiori
بَرِصَ become a leper
بَصَمَ give a fingerprint
بِئْس what a bad…
تَآخَى have a fraternal relationship, have a brotherly relationship, have a harmonious relationship
  have a close friendship
تَأْصِيل giving [sth] a solid foundation
تَآلَفَ have a harmonious relationship
تَبَحْبَحَ live a life of ease, live a comfortable life
تَبَحْبُح living a life of ease, living a comfortable life
تَحَاقَدَ hold a grudge against each other, have contempt toward each other
تَحَجَّبَ put on a veil, put on a headscarf
تَحَجُّب putting on a veil, putting on a headscarf
تَحَدَّرَ be a descendant of
  descend, go down
تَحَدُّر being a descendant of
  descending, going down
تَحَرَّقَ feel a burning desire
تَحَسُّبًا as a precaution, just in case
تَحْصِيلُ حَاصِل indisputable, beyond question, beyond a doubt
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