UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/trɪˈpæn/US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(tri pan)

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tre•pan1  (tri pan),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -panned, -pan•ning. 
  1. a tool for cutting shallow holes by removing a core.
  2. [Surg.]an obsolete form of the trephine resembling a carpenter's bit and brace.

  1. [Mach.]to cut circular disks from (plate stock) using a rotating cutter.
  2. [Surg.]to operate upon with a trepan; trephine.
trep•a•na•tion (tri pan),USA pronunciation , n.  tre•pan ner, n. 
  • Greek trý̄panon borer, akin to trŷpa hole, trȳpân to bore; (v) late Middle English trepanen, derivative of the noun, nominal
  • Medieval Latin trepanum
  • Middle French trepan crown saw
  • (noun, nominal) Middle English trepane 1350–1400

tre•pan2  (tri pan),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -panned, -pan•ning. [Archaic.]
  1. a person who ensnares or entraps others.
  2. a stratagem; a trap.

  1. to ensnare or entrap.
  2. to entice.
  3. to cheat or swindle.
trep•a•na•tion (tri pan),USA pronunciation , n.  tre•pan ner, n. 
  • ?
  • earlier trapan, equivalent. to trap1 + -an 1635–45

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trepan /trɪˈpæn/ n
  1. an instrument resembling a carpenter's brace and bit formerly used to remove circular sections of bone (esp from the skull)
    Compare trephine
  2. a tool for cutting out circular blanks or for making grooves around a fixed centre
vb ( -pans, -panning, -panned)(transitive)
  1. to cut (a hole or groove) with a trepan
  2. another word for trephine
Etymology: 14th Century: from Medieval Latin trepanum rotary saw, from Greek trupanon auger, from trupan to bore, from trupa a hole

trepanation /ˌtrɛpəˈneɪʃən/ n
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