UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/trəˈdʒiːdɪən/, /trəˌdʒiːdɪˈɛn/

US:USA pronuncation: IPAUSA pronuncation: IPA/trəˈdʒidiən/

US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(trə jēdē ən)

WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2020
tra•ge•di•an /trəˈdʒidiən/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Show Businessan actor noted for performing tragic roles.
  2. Literaturea writer of tragedy.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2020
tra•ge•di•an  (trə jēdē ən),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. an actor especially noted for performing tragic roles.
  2. a writer of tragedy.
  • Middle French
  • 1325–75; tragedy + -an; replacing Middle English tragedien

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::
tragedian /trəˈdʒiːdɪən/, (feminine)tragedienne /trəˌdʒiːdɪˈɛn/ n
  1. an actor who specializes in tragic roles
  2. a writer of tragedy
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