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best /bɛst/USA pronunciation   adj., 
    superlative form of good.
  1. of the highest quality;
    the most excellent:Only the best students apply to our school.
  2. most suitable or appropriate;
    of most benefit or of greatest advantage:Is this the best way to handle the problem?[it + be + ~ + clause]I thought it would be best if we discussed this first.[it + be + ~ + to + verb]It would be best not to wake her up.

adv., superlative form of well.
  1. most excellently or suitably;
    most well: They gave her an opera role that best suits her voice.
  2. in or to the highest degree;
    most:She is the best-known actress of our time.

n. [countable]
  1. someone or something that is best:[the + ~]Even the best of us makes mistakes.
  2. a person's finest clothing:[one's + ~]Promise me you'll wear your best to the wedding next week.
  3. a person's highest degree of ability, effort, or health:[one's + ~]We're all trying ways to do our best.
  4. salutations:[one's + ~]Give them my best. (= Convey to them my good wishes).

v. [+ object]
  1. to get the better of;
    beat:That team bested us in the finals.
  1. Idioms (all) for the best, producing good as the final result:It turned out to be all for the best when I didn't get that job.
  2. Idioms as best one can, in the best way possible:As best I can tell, we're the first ones here.
  3. Idioms at best, even under the most favorable circumstances possible:The job won't be finished for a month at best.
  4. Idioms get or have the best of, [+ object]
    • to gain the advantage over.
    • to defeat;
      subdue: The pain gotthe best of him.
  5. Idioms had best, [+ root form of a verb] ought to: You had best phone your mother.
  6. Idioms make the best of, [+ object] to cope with;
    accept:We're only going to be living here for a year; let's make the best of it.

See better.
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best  (best),USA pronunciation  adj., [superl. of]good [with]better [as compar.]
  1. of the highest quality, excellence, or standing:the best work; the best students.
  2. most advantageous, suitable, or desirable:the best way.
  3. largest;
    most:the best part of a day.

adv., [superl. of]well [with]better [as compar.]
  1. most excellently or suitably;
    with most advantage or success:an opera role that best suits her voice.
  2. in or to the highest degree;
    most fully (usually used in combination):best-suited;best-known;best-loved.
  3. Idiomsas best one can, in the best way possible under the circumstances:We tried to smooth over the disagreement as best we could.
  4. Idiomshad best, would be wisest or most reasonable to;
    ought to:You had best phone your mother to tell her where you are going.

  1. something or someone that is best:They always demand and get the best. The best of us can make mistakes.
  2. a person's finest clothing:It's important that you wear your best.
  3. a person's most agreeable or desirable emotional state (often prec. by at).
  4. a person's highest degree of competence, inspiration, etc. (often prec. by at).
  5. the highest quality to be found in a given activity or category of things (often prec. by at):cabinetmaking at its best.
  6. the best effort that a person, group, or thing can make:Their best fell far short of excellence.
  7. a person's best wishes or kindest regards:Please give my best to your father.
  8. Idiomsall for the best, for the good as the final result;
    to an ultimate advantage:At the time it was hard to realize how it could be all for the best.Also,  for the best. 
  9. Idiomsat best, under the most favorable circumstances:You may expect to be treated civilly, at best.
  10. Idiomsget or  have the best of: 
    • to gain the advantage over.
    • to defeat;
      subdue:His arthritis gets the best of him from time to time.
  11. Idiomsmake the best of, to cope with in the best way possible:to make the best of a bad situation.
  12. Idiomswith the best, on a par with the most capable:He can play bridge with the best.

  1. to get the better of;
    beat:He easily bested his opponent in hand-to-hand combat. She bested me in the argument.
  • bef. 900; Middle English beste, Old English betst, best; cognate with Dutch best, Old High German bezzist (German best), Old Norse bezt, Gothic batists. See better1, -est

Best  (best),USA pronunciation n. 
  • BiographicalCharles Herbert, 1899–1978, Canadian physiologist, born in the U.S.: one of the discoverers of insulin.

  • Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::
    best /bɛst/ adj
    1. the superlative of good
    2. most excellent of a particular group, category, etc
    3. most suitable, advantageous, desirable, attractive, etc
    4. the best part ofmost of
    1. the superlative of well1
    2. in a manner surpassing all others; most excellently, advantageously, attractively, etc
    1. the bestthe most outstanding or excellent person, thing, or group in a category
    2. the most effective effort of which a person or group is capable
    3. a winning majority
    4. Also: all the best best wishes
    5. a person's smartest outfit of clothing
    6. at bestin the most favourable interpretation
    7. under the most favourable conditions
    8. for the bestfor an ultimately good outcome
    9. with good intentions
    10. get the best of, have the best ofto surpass, defeat, or outwit; better
    11. give someone the bestto concede someone's superiority
    12. make the best ofto cope as well as possible in the unfavourable circumstances of (often in the phrases make the best of a bad job, make the best of it)
    1. (transitive) to gain the advantage over or defeat
    Etymology: Old English betst; related to Gothic batista, Old High German bezzist
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