UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈtæmbʊə/US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(tambŏŏr, tam bŏŏr)

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tam•bour  (tambŏŏr, tam bŏŏr),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Music and Dancea drum.
  2. Music and Dancea drum player.
  3. ClothingAlso called  tabaret. a circular frame consisting of two hoops, one fitting within the other, in which cloth is stretched for embroidering.
  4. Clothingembroidery done on such a frame.
  5. Furniturea flexible shutter used as a desk top or in place of a door, composed of a number of closely set wood strips attached to a piece of cloth, the whole sliding in grooves along the sides or at the top and bottom.
  6. Architecturedrum1 (def. 10).
  7. Sport[Court Tennis.]a sloping buttress opposite the penthouse, on the hazard side of the court.

v.t., v.i. 
  1. Clothingto embroider on a tambour.
  • Medieval Greek pandoúra; compare bandore
  • Middle French: drum Arabic tanbūr lute
  • 1475–85

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tambour /ˈtæmbʊə/ n
  1. the sloping buttress on one side of the receiver's end of the court
  2. a small round embroidery frame, consisting of two concentric hoops over which the fabric is stretched while being worked
  3. embroidered work done on such a frame
  4. a sliding door on desks, cabinets, etc, made of thin strips of wood glued side by side onto a canvas backing
  5. a wall that is circular in plan, esp one that supports a dome or one that is surrounded by a colonnade
  6. a drum
  1. to embroider (fabric or a design) on a tambour
Etymology: 15th Century: from French, from tabour tabor
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