UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈriːˈleɪ/US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(rē lā)

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re-lay  (rē lā),USA pronunciation v.t.,  -laid, -lay•ing. 
  1. to lay again.
Also,  relay. 
  • re- + lay1 1580–90

re•lay1  (n. rēlā;v. rēlā, ri lā),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -layed, -lay•ing. 
  1. a series of persons relieving one another or taking turns;
  2. a fresh set of dogs or horses posted in readiness for use in a hunt, on a journey, etc.
  3. Sport
    • See  relay race. 
    • a length or leg in a relay race.
  4. Mechanical Engineering[Mach.]an automatic control device in which the settings of valves, switches, etc., are regulated by a powered element, as a motor, solenoid, or pneumatic mechanism actuated by a smaller, sensitive element.
  5. Electricitya device, usually consisting of an electromagnet and an armature, by which a change of current or voltage in one circuit is used to make or break a connection in another circuit or to affect the operation of other devices in the same or another circuit.
  6. Aerospace(cap.) [U.S. Aerospace.]one of an early series of experimental low-altitude, active communications satellites.

  1. to carry forward by or as if by relays:to relay a message.
  2. to provide with or replace by fresh relays.
  3. Electricity, Telecommunicationsto retransmit (a signal, message, etc.) by or as if by means of a telegraphic relay.

  1. Telecommunications, Electricity[Elect.]to retransmit a signal or message electronically.
  • Middle French, derivative of relaier
  • Latin laxāre (see relax); (noun, nominal) late Middle English relai set of fresh hounds
  • Middle French relaier, Old French: to leave behind, release, equivalent. to re- re- + laier to leave, dialect, dialectal variant of laissier
  • (verb, verbal) late Middle English relaien to unleash fresh hounds in a hunt 1375–1425

re•lay2  (rē lā),USA pronunciation v.t.,  -laid, -lay•ing. 
  1. re-lay.

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