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nothing at all

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2020
noth•ing /ˈnʌθɪŋ/USA pronunciation   pron. 
  1. not anything:He was warned to say nothing about the affair.
  2. no trace:The house showed nothing of its former splendor.
  3. something of no importance, significance, or value:Money means nothing to him.
  4. (used to express the opinion that some action is not a great effort, or is no trouble, etc.):Carry four bags? Nothing to it.

  1. an unimportant action, matter, circumstance, thing, or remark:[countable]whispering sweet nothings.
  2. [countable] a person of little or no importance;
    a nobody.
  3. zero;
    a cipher:[uncountable]Five minus five leaves nothing.

  1. in no respect or degree;
    not at all:It was nothing like that.

adj. [before a noun]
  1. amounting to nothing:He did a nothing job on that last report.
  1. Idiomsfor nothing: 
    • Idiomsfree of charge:He towed the car for nothing.
    • Idiomsfor no apparent reason or motive:flew into a rage for nothing.
    • Idiomsfor no gain:We went to all that trouble for nothing.
  2. Idiomsin nothing flat, in very little time:He drove the twenty miles in nothing flat.
  3. Idiomsmake nothing of, [+ object]
    • Idiomsto fail to understand or comprehend:I can make nothing of this handwriting.
  4. nothing but, only;
    just:I could see nothing but corn everywhere I looked.
  5. Idiomsnothing doing, [Informal.]
    • certainly not:"So do I get the raise?'' —"Nothing doing!''
  6. Idiomsthink nothing of, [+ object] to regard or consider as unimportant, insignificant, or easy:thought nothing of running ten miles a day.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2020
noth•ing  (nuthing),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. no thing;
    not anything;
    naught:to say nothing.
  2. no part, share, or trace (usually fol. by of ):The house showed nothing of its former magnificence.
  3. something that is nonexistent.
  4. nonexistence;
    nothingness:The sound faded to nothing.
  5. something or someone of no importance or significance:Money is nothing when you're without health.
  6. a trivial action, matter, circumstance, thing, or remark:to exchange a few nothings when being introduced.
  7. a person of little or no importance;
    a nobody.
  8. something that is without quantity or magnitude.
  9. a cipher or naught:Nothing from nine leaves nine.
  10. (used in conventional responses to expressions of thanks):Think nothing of it. It's nothing. Nothing to it.
  11. for nothing: 
    • Idiomsfree of charge.
    • Idiomsfor no apparent reason or motive.
    • Idiomsfutilely;
      to no avail:They had gone to a great deal of expense for nothing.
  12. Idiomsin nothing flat, in very little time:Dinner was finished in nothing flat.
  13. make nothing of: 
    • Idiomsto treat lightly;
      regard as easy.
    • Idiomsto be unsuccessful in comprehending:He could make nothing of the complicated directions.
  14. Idiomsnothing but, nothing other than;
    only:We could see nothing but fog.
  15. nothing doing: 
    • Idioms[Informal.]emphatically no;
      certainly not.
    • Idiomsno activity, inducement, advantage, etc., present to the eye:We drove through the town but there seemed to be nothing doing.
  16. Idiomsnothing less than or short of, absolutely;
    completely:She was used to nothing less than the best.
  17. think nothing of: 
    • Idiomsto treat casually.
    • Idiomsto regard as insignificant:He thinks nothing of lying to conceal his incompetence.

  1. in no respect or degree;
    not at all:It was nothing like that. Nothing dismayed, he repeated his question.

  1. amounting to nothing, as in offering no prospects for satisfaction, advancement, or the like:She was stuck in a nothing job.
  • bef. 900; Middle English; Old English nānthing, nathing; see no2, thing1

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::
nothing /ˈnʌθɪŋ/ pron
  1. (indefinite) no thing; not anything, as of an implied or specified class of things: I can give you nothing
  2. no part or share: to have nothing to do with this crime
  3. a matter of no importance or significance: it doesn't matter, it's nothing
  4. indicating the absence of anything perceptible; nothingness
  5. indicating the absence of meaning, value, worth, etc: to amount to nothing
  6. zero quantity; nought
  7. be nothing tonot to concern or be significant to (someone)
  8. to be not nearly as good as
  9. have nothing to do with, be nothing to do withto have no connection with
  10. nothing butnot something other than; only
  11. nothing doinginformal an expression of dismissal, disapproval, lack of compliance with a request, etc
  12. nothing if notat the very least; certainly
  13. nothing less than, nothing short ofdownright; truly
  14. there's nothing to itit is very simple, easy, etc
  15. think nothing ofto regard as routine, easy, or natural
  16. to have no compunction or hesitation about
  17. to have a very low opinion of
  1. in no way; not at all: he looked nothing like his brother
  1. informal a person or thing of no importance or significance
  2. sweet nothingswords of endearment or affection
Etymology: Old English nāthing, nān thing, from nān none1 + thing1
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