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mu•tate /ˈmyuteɪt/USA pronunciation   v.,  -tat•ed, -tat•ing. 
  1. to (cause to) undergo mutation: [no object]The plant must have mutated.[+ object]Radiation can mutate plant life by affecting the genes.
See -mut-.
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mu•tate  (myo̅o̅tāt),USA pronunciation v.,  -tat•ed, -tat•ing. 
  1. Geneticsto change; alter.
  2. Phonetics, Linguisticsto change by umlaut.

  1. Geneticsto change;
    undergo mutation.
mu•ta•tive  (myo̅o̅tāt),USA pronunciation adj. 
  • Latin mūtātus, past participle of mūtare to change; see -ate1
  • 1810–20

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