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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2020
much /mʌtʃ/USA pronunciation   adj.,  more/mɔr/USA pronunciation  most/moʊst/USA pronunciation   n., pron., adv.,  more, most. 
  1. great in amount, measure, or degree:[before a uncountable noun]much wasted effort.

n. [uncountable], pron. 
  1. a great quantity, measure, or degree:not much to do; He owed much of his success to his family.
  2. a great, important, or notable thing or matter:He isn't much to look at.
  3. an amount or degree of something:How much does it cost?

  1. to a great extent or degree:to talk too much.
  2. nearly, approximately, or about:That book is much like the others.
  3. Idiomsmuch as: 
    • almost to the same degree as:Babies need love, much as they need food.
    • (used to express a contrast between one clause and another) even though;
      although:Much as he wants to go to Iceland, he won't.
  1. I thought as much, (used to express the speaker's belief that what precedes was expected):"The police haven't found your stolen car yet.'' --"I thought as much; it will probably never turn up.''
  2. make much of, [ + object] to treat or consider (something) as being important:Her opponent tried to make much of the fact that she had tried marijuana as a college student.
  3. not much of a, not a very good example of (something):We didn't have much of a holiday: rain, cold weather, and flu.
  4. so much for, (used to express the speaker's belief that the next thing mentioned is finished, or has no chance of being successful):Look at this traffic jam; so much for arriving on time!

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2020
much  (much),USA pronunciation adj.,  more, most, n., adv.,  more, most. 
  1. great in quantity, measure, or degree:too much cake.

  1. a great quantity, measure, or degree:Much of his research was unreliable.
  2. a great, important, or notable thing or matter:The house is not much to look at.
  3. Idiomsmake much of: 
    • to treat, represent, or consider as of great importance:to make much of trivial matters.
    • to treat with great consideration;
      show fondness for;

  1. to a great extent or degree;
    far:to talk too much; much heavier.
  2. nearly, approximately, or about:This is much like the others.
  3. much as: 
    • Idiomsalmost the same as:We need exercise, much as we need nourishment.
    • Idiomshowever much:Much as she wanted to stay at the party, she had to leave.
  • 1150–1200; Middle English muche, moche, apocopated variant of muchel, mochel, Old English mycel; replacing Middle English miche(l), Old English micel great, much (compare mickle), cognate with Old Norse mikill, Gothic mikils, Greek mégal-, suppletive stem of mégas great

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::
much /mʌtʃ/ determiner
  1. (usually used with a negative) a great quantity or degree of: there isn't much honey left
  2. (as pronoun): much has been learned from this
  3. a bit muchinformal rather excessive
  4. make much of
    See make of
  5. not up to muchinformal of a low standard: this beer is not up to much
  1. considerably: they're much better now
  2. practically; nearly (esp in the phrase much the same)
  3. (usually used with a negative) often; a great deal: it doesn't happen much in this country
  4. much as, as much aseven though; although: much as I'd like to, I can't come

See also more, mostEtymology: Old English mycel; related to Old English micel great, Old Saxon mikil, Gothic mikils; compare also Latin magnus, Greek megas
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