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ˈmass ˈnoun, n. [countable]
  • a noun that refers to a quantity or mass of things seen as a whole or collection, and therefore not normally having a plural. A mass noun like sugar or sand does not have a plural, unless we refer to a measure or type or kind of such a thing:The noncount meaning of the mass noun sugar appears in "I like sugar.'' The count meaning of the mass noun sugar appears in: "How many sugars (= spoons, packets, or lumps of sugar) do you want in your coffee?''

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    mass noun′, 
  • Grammara noun, as water, electricity, or happiness, that typically refers to an indefinitely divisible substance or an abstract notion, and that in English cannot be used, in such a sense, with the indefinite article or in the plural.
    • 1930–35

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    mass noun n
    1. a noun that refers to an extended substance rather than to each of a set of isolable objects, as, for example, water as opposed to lake. In English when used indefinitely they are characteristically preceded by some rather than a or an; they do not have normal plural forms
      Compare count noun
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