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-ish,1 suffix. 
  • -ish is attached to nouns or roots to form adjectives with the meaning:
    • relating to;
      in the same manner of;
      having the characteristics of:brute + -ish → brutish.
    • of or relating to the people or language of:Brit- + -ish → British;Swede + -ish → Swedish.
    • like;
      similar to:baby + -ish → babyish;mule + -ish → mulish;girl + -ish → girlish.
    • addicted to;
      inclined or tending to:book + -ish → bookish (= tending to read books a great deal).
    • near or about:fifty + -ish → fiftyish (nearly fifty years old).
  • -ish is also attached to adjectives to form adjectives with the meaning "somewhat, rather'':old + -ish → oldish (= somewhat old);red + -ish → reddish (= somewhat red);sweet + -ish → sweetish.

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  • a suffix used to form adjectives from nouns, with the sense of "belonging to'' (British;
    "after the manner of,'' "having the characteristics of,'' "like'' (babyish;
    "addicted to,'' "inclined or tending to'' (bookish;
    "near or about'' (fiftyish;
  • a suffix used to form adjectives from other adjectives, with the sense of "somewhat,'' "rather'' (oldish;
    • Middle English; Old English -isc; cognate with German -isch, Gothic -isks, Greek -iskos; akin to -esque

  • a suffix occurring in i-stem verbs borrowed from French:ravish.
    • French -iss-, extended stem of verbs with infinitives in -ir Latin -isc-, in inceptive verbs

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    -ish suffix forming adjectives
    1. of or belonging to a nationality or group: Scottish
    2. often derogatory having the manner or qualities of; resembling: slavish, prudish, boyish
    3. somewhat; approximately: yellowish, sevenish
    4. concerned or preoccupied with: bookish
    Etymology: Old English -isc; related to German -isch, Greek -iskos
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