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flip1 /flɪp/USA pronunciation   v.,  flipped, flip•ping, n., adj.,  flip•per, flip•pest. 
  1. to turn over by or as if by tossing: [+ object]to flip a coin.[+ object + object]She flipped the dog a morsel.
  2. to move or activate with a sudden stroke:[+ object]to flip a switch.
  3. to (cause to) turn over or do a somersault: [no object]He rolled over the bar and flipped onto the floor.[+ object]flipped her opponent over her shoulder.
  4. to read or look at rapidly: [no object]to flip through a magazine.[+ object]He flipped the pages.
  5. Slang Terms
    • [no object] to react with astonishment or delight:I flipped when I heard the good news.
    • [+ for/over + object] to fall in love with (someone):He really flipped over her.
    • flip out, to (cause to) become irrational, angry, or upset: [no object]The boss flipped out when he heard you lost the account.[+ object + out]This news will flip him out.[+ out + object]That news would flip out anybody.

n. [countable]
  1. an act or instance of flipping.
  2. a somersault, esp. one performed in the air.

  1. Informal Termsflippant:a flip answer.
  1. Idiomsflip one's lid or wig, [Slang.]to lose control of one's temper.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2020
flip1  (flip),USA pronunciation v.,  flipped, flip•ping, n. 
  1. to toss or put in motion with a sudden impulse, as with a snap of a finger and thumb, esp. so as to cause to turn over in the air:to flip a coin.
  2. to move (something) suddenly or jerkily.
  3. to turn over, esp. with a short rapid gesture:to flip pancakes with a spatula.
  4. Slang Termsto make (someone) insane, irrational, angry, or highly excited (usually fol. by out).
  5. Business[Finance.]to resell, esp. quickly, or to refinance, as a mortgage loan.

  1. to make a flicking movement;
    strike at something smartly or sharply;
  2. to move oneself with or as if with flippers:The seals flipped along the beach.
  3. to move with a jerk or jerks.
  4. to turn over or perform a somersault in the air.
  5. Slang Terms
    • to react to something in an excited, astonished, or delighted manner:He really flipped over his new girlfriend.
    • to become insane, irrational, angry, or highly excited (often fol. by out).
  6. Slang Terms, Idiomsflip one's lid or  wig, See  lid (def. 8).

  1. an instance of flipping;
    a smart tap or strike.
  2. a sudden jerk.
  3. a somersault, esp. one performed in the air:a back flip off the diving board.
  4. Games[Cards.]a variety of seven-card stud in which each player receives the first four cards facedown and selects two of them to expose before receiving the next card.
  5. Slang TermsSee  flip side. 
  • 1585–95; 1955–60 for def. 10; see fillip

flip2  (flip),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Winea mixed drink made with liquor or wine, sugar, and egg, topped with powdered nutmeg and served hot or cold.
  2. Winea drink, popular esp. in the 18th century, made with beer or ale mixed with rum or other liquor, sweetened and served hot.
  • perh. noun, nominal use of flip1, so called from tossing or flipping of ingredients in preparation 1675–85

flip3  (flip),USA pronunciation adj.,  flip•per, flip•pest. [Informal.]
  1. Informal Termsflippant;
  • adjective, adjectival use of flip1 1840–50


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