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doc•tor /ˈdɑktɚ/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. a person licensed to practice medicine.
  2. Educationa person who has been awarded a doctor's degree, the highest degree that can be offered by a university.

  1. to give medical treatment (to);
    act as a physician (to): [+ object]She doctored him back to health.[no object]He'd been doctoring since before we were born.
  2. to change falsely;
    tamper with;
    falsify:[+ object]to doctor the birthdate on a passport.
  3. to change or tamper with the ingredients of (a food or drink):[+ object]to doctor his drink with sedatives.
doc•tor•al, adj. [before a noun]She was the first doctoral candidate in linguistics from that school.See -doc-.

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doc•tor  (doktər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a person licensed to practice medicine, as a physician, surgeon, dentist, or veterinarian.
  2. Educationa person who has been awarded a doctor's degree:He is a Doctor of Philosophy.
  3. ReligionSee  Doctor of the Church. 
  4. Slang Terms[Older Slang.]a cook, as at a camp or on a ship.
  5. Mechanical Engineering[Mach.]any of various minor mechanical devices, esp. one designed to remedy an undesirable characteristic of an automatic process.
  6. [Angling.]any of several artificial flies, esp. the silver doctor.
  7. an eminent scholar and teacher.

  1. to give medical treatment to; act as a physician to:He feels he can doctor himself for just a common cold.
  2. to treat (an ailment);
    apply remedies to:He doctored his cold at home.
  3. to restore to original or working condition;
    mend:She was able to doctor the chipped vase with a little plastic cement.
  4. to tamper with;
    falsify:He doctored the birthdate on his passport.
  5. to add a foreign substance to;
    adulterate:Someone had doctored the drink.
  6. to revise, alter, or adapt (a photograph, manuscript, etc.) in order to serve a specific purpose or to improve the material:to doctor a play.
  7. Educationto award a doctorate to:He did his undergraduate work in the U.S. and was doctored at Oxford.

  1. to practice medicine.
  2. Slang Terms[Older Use.]to take medicine;
    receive medical treatment.
  3. Metallurgy(of an article being electroplated) to receive plating unevenly.
doctor•al, doc•to•ri•al  (doktər),USA pronunciation adj.  doctor•al•ly, doc•tori•al•ly, adv. 
doctor•less, adj. 
doctor•ship′, n. 
  • Latin, equivalent. to doc(ēre) to teach + -tor -tor
  • Anglo-French)
  • Middle English docto(u)r ( 1275–1325

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