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coastguard /ˈkəʊstˌɡɑːd/ n
  1. a maritime force which aids shipping, saves lives at sea, prevents smuggling, etc
  2. Also called: coastguardsman a member of such a force
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ˈCoast ˌGuard, n. 
  • Military[proper noun;  usually: the + ~] a U.S. military service whose duty is to enforce laws of the sea, save lives and property at sea, etc.

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    Coast Guard′, 
    1. Military[U.S. Mil.]a military service under the Department of Transportation, which in peacetime enforces maritime laws, saves lives and property at sea, and maintains aids to navigation, and which in wartime may be placed under the Navy Department to augment the navy.
    2. (l.c.) any similar organization for aiding navigation, preventing smuggling, etc.
    3. (l.c.) Also called  coastguardsman. a member of any such organization.
    • 1825–35

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