UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈkæləˌmaɪn/US:USA pronunciation: IPA and respellingUSA pronuncation: IPA/ˈkæləˌmaɪn, -mɪn/ ,USA pronunciation: respelling(kalə mīn′, -min)

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cal•a•mine /ˈkæləˌmaɪn, -mɪn/USA pronunciation   n. [uncountable]
  1. Drugsa pink powder of zinc oxide, used in lotions for the treatment of minor skin irritations, as insect bites and poison ivy.

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cal•a•mine  (kalə mīn′, -min),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Drugsa pink, water-insoluble powder consisting of zinc oxide and about 0.5 percent ferric oxide, used in ointments, lotions, or the like, for the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the skin.
  2. [Mineral.]hemimorphite.
  3. British Terms[Chiefly Brit.]smithsonite (def. 1).
  • Medieval Latin calamīna, unexplained alteration of Latin cadmia cadmium; see -ine1
  • 1595–1605

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calamine /ˈkæləˌmaɪn/ n
  1. a pink powder consisting of zinc oxide and ferric oxide, (iron(III) oxide), used medicinally in the form of soothing lotions or ointments
Etymology: 17th Century: from Old French, from Medieval Latin calamīna, from Latin cadmīa; see cadmium
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