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boules French: /bul/ pl n
  1. (functioning as singular) a game, popular in France, in which metal bowls are thrown to land as near as possible to a target ball. It is played on rough surfaces
Etymology: plural of boule ball1; see bowl²
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boule1  (bo̅o̅l),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. JewelryAlso called  birne. a cylindrical lump of material for synthetic gems, made by the Verneuil process.
  2. Gamesa metal ball, usually made out of steel, used in pétanque.
  3. GamesSometimes,  boules. pétanque.
  • French: literally, a ball; see bowl2
  • 1915–20

boule2  (bo̅o̅l),USA pronunciation n. (often cap.) [Furniture.]
  1. Furniturebuhl.
Also called  boule•work  (bo̅o̅l),USA pronunciation 
Bou•le  (bo̅o̅lē, bo̅o̅ lā),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Governmentthe legislative assembly of modern Greece.
  2. Ancient History, Antiquity(sometimes l.c.) a state legislative, advisory, or administrative council in ancient Greece.
  • Greek: a council, body of chosen ones
  • 1840–50

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