UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈblɛsɪŋ/US:USA pronunciation: IPA and respellingUSA pronuncation: IPA/ˈblɛsɪŋ/ ,USA pronunciation: respelling(blesing)

From the verb bless: (⇒ conjugate)
blessing is: Click the infinitive to see all available inflections
v pres pverb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing."

WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2020
bless•ing /ˈblɛsɪŋ/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. the act or words of a person who blesses:The priest gave his blessing to the soldiers.
  2. a favor or gift (as bestowed by God), thereby bringing happiness:the blessings of liberty.
  3. praise, esp. grace said before or after a meal:Who will say a blessing?
  4. [usually: the/one's + ~] approval or good wishes: The law has the governor's blessing.
  1. a blessing in disguise, something that seems bad at first but later turns out well:Being turned down for that job was a blessing in disguise, because in just a year the company went bankrupt and I would have been fired first.
  2. count one's blessings, to be thankful for something:You should count your blessings that you have your health.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2020
bless•ing  (blesing),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the act or words of a person who blesses.
  2. a special favor, mercy, or benefit:the blessings of liberty.
  3. a favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness.
  4. the invoking of God's favor upon a person:The son was denied his father's blessing.
  5. praise;
    worship, esp. grace said before a meal:The children took turns reciting the blessing.
  6. approval or good wishes:The proposed law had the blessing of the governor.
  • Middle English blessinge, -unge, Old English bletsung, bledsung. See bless, -ing1 bef. 900
    • 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged advantage, boon, gain, profit, bounty.

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::
blessing /ˈblɛsɪŋ/ n
  1. the act of invoking divine protection or aid
  2. the words or ceremony used for this
  3. a short prayer of thanksgiving before or after a meal; grace
  4. approval; good wishes
  5. the bestowal of a divine gift or favour
WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2020
bless /blɛs/USA pronunciation   v. [+ object], blessed or blest /blɛst/USA pronunciation   bless•ing. 
  1. to make (something) holy or sacred by a religious rite:The priest blessed the offering.
  2. to ask for God's divine favor upon or for:Bless this house.
  3. to give some benefit to;
    endow:[+ object + with + object]Nature blessed me with strong teeth.
  4. to praise as holy;
    glorify: Bless the Lord.
  5. Bless you! 
    • (used to convey thanks, affection, or best wishes to someone):"Bless you,'' she said when I dropped a few coins in her basket.
    • (used to express polite concern after someone has sneezed):"Ahchoo!'' she sneezed. "Bless you,'' he responded.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2020
bless  (bles),USA pronunciation v.t.,  blessed  or blest, bless•ing. 
  1. to consecrate or sanctify by a religious rite;
    make or pronounce holy.
  2. to request of God the bestowal of divine favor on:Bless this house.
  3. to bestow good of any kind upon:a nation blessed with peace.
  4. to extol as holy;
    glorify:Bless the name of the Lord.
  5. to protect or guard from evil (usually used interjectionally):Bless you! Bless your innocent little heart!
  6. to condemn or curse:I'll be blessed if I can see your reasoning. Bless me if it isn't my old friend!
  7. to make the sign of the cross over or upon:The Pope blessed the multitude.
blesser, n. 
blessing•ly, adv. 
  • Middle English blessen, Old English blētsian, blēdsian to consecrate, origin, originally with blood, earlier *blōdisōian (blōd blood + -isō- derivational suffix + -ian verb, verbal suffix) bef. 950
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged exalt, hallow, glorify, magnify, beatify.

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::
bless /blɛs/ vb (blesses, blessing, blessed, blest)(transitive)
  1. to consecrate or render holy, beneficial, or prosperous by means of a religious rite
  2. to give honour or glory to (a person or thing) as divine or holy
  3. to call upon God to protect; give a benediction to
  4. to worship or adore (God); call or hold holy
  5. (often passive) to grant happiness, health, or prosperity to
  6. (usually passive) to endow with a talent, beauty, etc
  7. rare to protect against evil or harm
  8. bless! ⇒ (interjection) an exclamation of well-wishing
  9. bless you! ⇒ (interjection) a traditional phrase said to a person who has just sneezed
  10. an exclamation of well-wishing or surprise
  11. bless me!, bless my soul!, God bless my soul! ⇒ (interjection) an exclamation of surprise
Etymology: Old English blǣdsian to sprinkle with sacrificial blood; related to blōd blood
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