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bat•tel  (batl),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -teled, -tel•ing. [Brit.]
  1. British Termsan account with or terminal bill from a college of Oxford University for board, kitchen, and buttery expenses.
  2. British Termsbattels, expenses, bills, and accounts of a student at Oxford, including those for clothing, books, and personal expenses as well as for tuition, lodging, and food.

  1. to have an account with or to be supplied with food and drink from a college kitchen or buttery at Oxford University.
battel•er, n. 
  • 1700–10; compare Neo-Latin batellae (1636), batillī (1557), probably to be identified with late Middle English batell (in Anglo-Latin), taken to mean "charge for provisions''; of obscure origin, originally; kinship with Scots, north, northern England dialect, dialectal ba(i)ttle rich, fattening (of pasture) is dubious


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