barbituric acid

UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˌbɑːbɪˈtjʊərɪk/

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barbituric acid, 
  • Chemistry, Drugsa white, crystalline, slightly water-soluble powder, C4H4N2O3, used chiefly in the synthesis of barbiturates. Also called  malonylurea. 
    • 1865–70

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    barbituric acid /ˌbɑːbɪˈtjʊərɪk/ n
    1. a white crystalline solid used in the preparation of barbiturate drugs. Formula: C4H4N2O3
    Etymology: 19th Century: partial translation of German Barbitursäure, perhaps from the name Barbara + uric + Säure acid
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