UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/əˈkweɪntəns/US:USA pronunciation: IPA and respellingUSA pronuncation: IPA/əˈkweɪntns/ ,USA pronunciation: respelling(ə kwāntns)

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ac•quaint•ance /əˈkweɪntns/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. a person whom one knows casually:[countable]only a business acquaintance.
  2. personal knowledge or information: [uncountable]his acquaintance with African literature.[countable]I have some acquaintance with the Swedish language.

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ac•quaint•ance  (ə kwāntns),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a person known to one, but usually not a close friend.
  2. the state of being acquainted.
  3. personal knowledge as a result of study, experience, etc.:a good acquaintance with French wines.
  4. (used with a pl. v.) the persons with whom one is acquainted.
Also,  ac•quaintance•ship′ (for defs. 2, 3).
  • Old French acointance. See acquaint, -ance
  • Middle English aqueinta(u)nce, acoyntaunce 1250–1300
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged Acquaintance, associate, companion, friend refer to a person with whom one is in contact. An
      acquaintance is someone recognized by sight or someone known, though not intimately:a casual acquaintance.An
      associate is a person who is often in one's company, usually because of some work, enterprise, or pursuit in common:a business associate.A
      companion is a person who shares one's activities, fate, or condition:a traveling companion; companion in despair.A
      friend is a person with whom one is on intimate terms and for whom one feels a warm affection:a trusted friend.
    • 3.See corresponding entry in Unabridged familiarity, awareness.

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acquaintance /əˈkweɪntəns/ n
  1. a person with whom one has been in contact but who is not a close friend
  2. knowledge of a person or thing, esp when slight
  3. make the acquaintance ofto come into social contact with
  4. those persons collectively whom one knows

acˈquaintanceˌship n
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