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absolute value, [Math.]
  1. the magnitude of a quantity, irrespective of sign;
    the distance of a quantity from zero. The absolute value of a number is symbolized by two vertical lines, as ∥3∥ or ∥-3∥ is 3.
  2. the square root of the sum of the squares of the real and imaginary parts of a given complex number, as ∥a + bi∥ is equal to a2+b2&fullradicover;
    . Also called  modulus. 
  • 1905–10

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absolute value n
  1. the positive real number equal to a given real but disregarding its sign. Written | x |. Where r is positive, | r | = r = | –r |
  2. Also called: modulus a measure of the magnitude of a complex number, represented by the length of a line in the Argand diagram: |x + iy | = √(x² + y²), so | 4 + 3i | = 5
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