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    air1 /ɛr/USA pronunciation   n. 
    1. Physics[uncountable;  often: the + ~] the mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases that surrounds the earth and forms its atmosphere.
    2. a light breeze:[uncountable]The air stirred.
    3. overhead space;
      sky:[uncountable;  often: the + ~]The kite rose high in the air.
    4. general character or appearance;
      aura:[countable;  singular]had an air of mystery about him.
    5. airs, [plural] an affected or haughty manner:Stop putting on airs.
    6. Music and Dance[countable] a tune;
      melody: humming a simple air.
    7. [uncountable] aircraft as a means of transportation: to ship by air.
    8. Informal Terms Informal. an air-conditioning system:[uncountable]a car equipped with air and a cassette player.

    1. to expose to the air;
      ventilate: [~ (+ out) + object]to air (out) a room.[+ object (+ out)]Let's air the room (out).[no object;  (~ + out)]Let the room air (out).
    2. to bring to public notice;
      display:[+ object]to air one's opinions.
    3. Show Business, Radio and Televisionto broadcast or televise;
      to be broadcast or televised: [~ + object]aired the program during prime time.[no object]The program airs in prime time.

    1. operating by air pressure or by acting upon air:an air pump.
    2. of or relating to aircraft or to aviation:air traffic control.
    1. Idiomsclear the air, to get rid of or eliminate misunderstandings:decided to discuss their differences and clear the air.
    2. Idiomsin the air, being talked about:An interesting rumor is in the air.
    3. Idiomsoff the air, not broadcasting or being broadcast:Suddenly the station went off the air.
    4. Idiomson the air, broadcasting or being broadcast:The President is on the air tonight.
    5. Idioms up in the air, not decided;
      unsettled:Their plans are still up in the air.
    6. Idiomswalk on air, to feel very happy or elated.
    air•less , adj. 
    air•less•ness , n. [uncountable]

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    air1  (âr),USA pronunciation n. 
    1. a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and minute amounts of other gases that surrounds the earth and forms its atmosphere.
    2. a stir in the atmosphere;
      a light breeze.
    3. overhead space;
      sky:The planes filled the air.
    4. circulation;
      publicity:to give air to one's theories.
    5. the general character or complexion of anything;
      appearance:His early work had an air of freshness and originality.
    6. the peculiar look, appearance, and bearing of a person:There is an air of mystery about him.
    7. airs, affected or unnatural manner;
      manifestation of pride or vanity;
      assumed haughtiness:He acquired airs that were insufferable to his friends.
    8. Music and Dance
      • a tune;
      • the soprano or treble part.
      • an aria.
      • Also,  ayre. an Elizabethan art song.
    9. aircraft as a means of transportation:to arrive by air; to ship goods by air.
    10. Informal Termsair conditioning or an air-conditioning system:The price includes tires, radio, and air.
    11. [Radio.]the medium through which radio waves are transmitted.
    12. [Archaic.]breath.
    13. clear the air, to eliminate dissension, ambiguity, or tension from a discussion, situation, etc.:The staff meeting was intended to help clear the air.
    14. Informal Termsget the air: 
      • to be rejected, as by a lover.
      • to be dismissed, as by an employer:He had worked only a few days when he got the air.
    15. Informal Termsgive (someone) the air: 
      • to reject, as a lover:He was bitter because she gave him the air.
      • to dismiss, as an employee.
    16. in the air, in circulation;
      current:There's a rumor in the air that we're moving to a new location.
    17. into thin air, completely out of sight or reach:He vanished into thin air.
    18. off the air: 
      • Show Businessnot broadcasting:The station goes off the air at midnight.
      • Show Businessnot broadcast;
        out of operation as a broadcast:The program went off the air years ago.
      • (of a computer) not in operation.
    19. on the air: 
      • Show Businessin the act of broadcasting;
        being broadcast:The program will be going on the air in a few seconds.
      • (of a computer) in operation.
    20. put on airs, to assume an affected or haughty manner:As their fortune increased, they began to put on airs.
    21. take the air: 
      • to go out-of-doors;
        take a short walk or ride.
      • Slang Termsto leave, esp. hurriedly.
      • to begin broadcasting.
    22. up in the air: 
      • Also,  in the air. undecided or unsettled:The contract is still up in the air.
      • Informal Termsangry;
        perturbed:There is no need to get up in the air over a simple mistake.
    23. walk or  tread on air, to feel very happy;
      be elated.

    1. to expose to the air;
      give access to the open air;
      ventilate (often fol. by out):We air the bedrooms every day.
    2. to expose ostentatiously;
      bring to public notice;
      display:to air one's opinions; to air one's theories.
    3. Show Businessto broadcast or televise.

    1. to be exposed to the open air (often fol. by out):Open the window and let the room air out.
    2. to be broadcast or televised.

    1. operating by means of air pressure or by acting upon air:an air drill; an air pump.
    2. of or pertaining to aircraft or to aviation:air industry.
    3. taking place in the air;
      aerial:air war.
    airlike′, adj. 
    • Italian aria aria
    • Latin ager field (compare acre) and ārea threshing floor, clearing, area; and with (for def. 7) French air
    • Greek āer- (stem of āé̄r) the lower atmosphere; conflated with (esp. for defs. 4 and 5) French air, Old French aire nature, character
    • Latin āēr- (accusative āerem)
    • Old French air
    • Middle English eir 1150–1200
      • 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged See  wind 1.
      • 5, 6.See corresponding entry in Unabridged impression, aspect.
      • 6.See corresponding entry in Unabridged aura, demeanor, attitude. See  manner1. 

    air2  (âr),USA pronunciation [Scot.]
    1. Scottish Termsearly.

    1. Scottish Terms[Obs.]before;
    • see ere

    A•ïr  ēr),USA pronunciation n. 
    1. Place Namesa region in N Niger, in the Sahara: low massif and oases. ab. 30,000 sq. mi. (77,700 sq. km). Also called  Asben. 

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