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à la mode or a la mode or a•la•mode/ˌɑ lɑ ˈmoʊd, ˌæ lə/USA pronunciation   adj. 
  1. Foreign Terms fashionable;
    up-to-date:[only: be + ~]Her clothing was à la mode.

  1. Foodserved with ice cream: apple pie à la mode.

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à la mode  (ä′ lə mōd, al′ə-; Fr. a la môd),USA pronunciation 
  • in or according to the fashion.
  • [Cookery.]
    • (of pie or other dessert) served with a portion of ice cream, often as a topping:apple pie à la mode.
    • (of beef ) larded and braised or stewed with vegetables, herbs, etc., and served with a rich brown gravy.
  • Also,  a′ la mode, alamode. 
    • French
    • 1640–50

    al•a•mode  (alə mōd′),USA pronunciation n. 
    1. Textilesa lightweight, glossy silk fabric used in the manufacture of scarfs, hoods, etc.
    2. See  à la mode. 

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    à la mode /ɑː lɑː ˈməʊd; æ lə; French: a la mɔd/ adj
    1. fashionable in style, design, etc
    2. (of meats) braised with vegetables in wine
    Etymology: 17th Century: from French: according to the fashion
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