UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciationsEnglish: /ˌvɛrəˈkruːz/, Spanish: /beraˈkruθ/

US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(ver′ə kro̅o̅z; Sp. be′rä kro̅o̅s)

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Ve•ra•cruz  (ver′ə kro̅o̅z; Sp. be′rä kro̅o̅s),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Place Namesa state in E Mexico, on the Gulf of Mexico. 4,917,000;
    27,759 sq. mi. (71,895 sq. km). Cap.: Jalapa.
  2. Place Namesa seaport in this state: the chief port of Mexico. 289,000. Formerly,  Vera Cruz. 

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Veracruz /ˌvɛrəˈkruːz; Spanish: beraˈkruθ/ n
  1. a state of E Mexico, on the Gulf of Mexico: consists of a hot humid coastal strip with lagoons, rising rapidly inland to the central plateau and Sierra Madre Oriental. Capital: Jalapa. Pop: 630 000 (2005 est). Area: 72 815 sq km (28 114 sq miles)
  2. the chief port of Mexico, in Veracruz state on the Gulf of Mexico. Pop: 410 000 (2000 est)
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