UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/peˈrɔn/US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(pə rōn; Sp. pe rôn)

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Pe•rón  (pə rōn; Sp. pe rôn),USA pronunciation n. 
    E•va Duar•te de  (pə rōn; Sp. pe rôn),USA pronunciation 1919–52, Argentine political figure (wife of Juan Perón). Juan (Do•min•go)  (pə rōn; Sp. pe rôn),USA pronunciation 1895–1974, Argentine military and political leader: president 1946–55, 1973–74.
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Perón /Spanish: peˈrɔn/ n
  1. Juan Domingo (xwan doˈmɪnɡo). 1895–1974, Argentine soldier and statesman; dictator (1946–55). He was deposed in 1955, remaining in exile until 1973, when he was elected president (1973–74)
  2. his third wife, María Estella (maˈria esˈteʎa), known as Isabel. born 1931, president of Argentina (1974–76); deposed
  3. (María) Eva (Duarte) de Perón (ˈeβa), known as Evita. Second wife of Juan Domingo Perón. 1919–52, Argentine film actress: active in politics and social welfare (1946–52)

Peˈronist n , adj
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