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Henry IV, 
  1. Biographical1050–1106, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and king of Germany 1056–1106.
  2. Biographical(Bolingbroke) ("Henry of Lancaster'') 1367–1413, king of England 1399–1413 (son of John of Gaunt).
  3. Biographical, Literature("Henry of Navarre'';
    "Henry the Great''
    ) 1553–1610, king of France 1589–1610: first of the French Bourbon kings.
  4. Literature(italics) a two-part drama (Part 1, 1597?;
    Part 2, 1597–98?) by Shakespeare.

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Henry IV n
  1. 1050–1106, Holy Roman Emperor (1084–1105) and king of Germany (1056–1105). He was excommunicated by Pope Gregory VII, whom he deposed (1084)
  2. surnamed Bolingbroke. 1367–1413, first Lancastrian king of England (1399–1413); son of John of Gaunt: deposed Richard II (1399) and suppressed rebellions led by Owen Glendower and the Earl of Northumberland
  3. known as Henry of Navarre. 1553–1610, first Bourbon king of France (1589–1610). He obtained toleration for the Huguenots with the Edict of Nantes (1598) and restored prosperity to France following the religious wars (1562–98)
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