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Aaron's rod, 
  1. Biblea rod, inscribed with the name of Aaron, that miraculously blossomed and yielded almonds. Num. 17:8. Previously, the rod had changed into a serpent. Ex. 7:10.
  2. Plant Biologyany of various plants having a tall, flowering stem, as the goldenrod or mullein.
  3. Plant Biologya smooth-stemmed herb, Thermopsis caroliniana, found from North Carolina to Georgia, having yellow flowers in stiffly erect clusters and hoary pods.
  4. Architecturea convex molding having regularly spaced representations of leaves or scrollwork.
  • 1825–35 for non-Biblical use

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Aaron's rod n
  1. a widespread Eurasian scrophulariaceous plant, Verbascum thapsus, having woolly leaves and tall erect spikes of yellow flowers
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