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same - similar
Same is almost always used with the.
‘the same’
If two or more things are the same, they are alike.
All the streets look the same in the fog.
Essentially, all computers are the same.
‘the same as’
You say that one thing is the same as another thing.
He was not the same as the other boys.
The next day was the same as the one before.
Be careful
Don't use any preposition except as after the same in sentences like these. Don't say, for example, ‘He was not the same like the other boys’.
You can put a noun between the same and as. You can say, for example, ‘She goes to the same school as her sister’.
Her dress was the same colour as her eyes.
I'm in the same type of job as you.
You can also use the same as to compare actions. For example, you can say ‘She did the same as her sister did’, or just ‘She did the same as her sister’.
He said exactly the same as you did.
They've got to earn a living, the same as anybody else.
adverbs used with ‘the same’
The following adverbs are often used in front of the same:
The next time I saw him he looked exactly the same.
Their policies are practically the same as those of the previous government.
If two people or things are similar, each one has some features that the other one has.
The two friends look remarkably similar.
Our ideas are basically very similar.
You say that one thing is similar to another thing.
It is similar to her last book.
My dress is similar to that, only longer.
You can use similar in front of a noun when you are comparing a person or thing to someone or something else that has just been mentioned.
Many of my friends have had a similar experience.
Put them in a jar, bowl, or other similar container.
adverbs used with ‘similar’
The following adverbs are often used in front of similar:
Their proposals were rather similar.
My problems are very similar to yours.
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