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accustomed to
‘accustomed to’
If you are accustomed to something, you have become familiar with it and you no longer find it strange. Accustomed to usually comes after linking verbs such as be, become, get, and grow.
It did not get lighter, but I became accustomed to the dark.
I am not accustomed to being interrupted.
Be careful
Don't say that someone is ‘accustomed with’ something.
‘used to’
In conversation and in less formal writing, you don't usually say that someone is ‘accustomed to’ something. You say that they are used to it. Used to usually comes after be or get.
The company is used to much stronger growth.
It's very noisy here, but you'll get used to it.
➜ See used to
You can say that someone is accustomed to doing something or used to doing something.
The manager is accustomed to working late.
We are used to queueing.
Be careful
Don't say that someone is ‘accustomed to do’ something or ‘used to do’ something.
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