UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈwɜːrdɪŋ/US:USA pronunciation: IPA and respellingUSA pronuncation: IPA/ˈwɝdɪŋ/ ,USA pronunciation: respelling(wûrding)

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. [incorrect, confusing, long-winded, complicated] wording
  2. [clear, concise, consistent, easy-to-follow] wording (for)
  3. the [policy, product description, contract] wording
  4. the wording of the [policy]
  5. the wording is (a little) confusing
  6. don't (quite) understand the wording
  7. [change, modify, vary, improve] the wording
  8. can you [change] the wording (a little)?
  9. the [proposed, modified, exact] wording (for)
  10. standard wording for [an introduction, a recommendation, a consent] letter
  11. [mistakes, errors] in the wording
  12. make changes to the wording
  13. decide on an alternative wording
  14. pay attention to the wording
  15. the wording seems [vague, confusing]
WordReference English Collocations © 2020


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [long, short, difficult, simple] word
  2. a [taboo, sensitive, rude, curse, cuss, bad] word
  3. the [longest, shortest, most difficult] word
  4. the [longest] word in the [dictionary, language]
  5. [kind, harsh, encouraging, welcome] words
  6. a [taboo, sensitive, rude] word
  7. the ["C, "F"] word
  8. the [Spanish, Chinese, German] word for (apple)
  9. there's no word for it in (Chinese)
  10. a [tough, hard] word to [say, pronounce]
  11. [sorry, please] is such a hard word (to say)
  12. never has a bad word to say about (anyone)
  13. he won't hear a bad word against her
  14. [a, just one] word of [advice, warning]
  15. I'm lost for words!
  16. the [newspaper, presenter] used a play on words
  17. [can, could] I have a word (with you)?
  18. what is the meaning of this word?
  19. we had (some frank) words (with each other)
  20. they never [had, exchanged, shared] a cross word
  21. words cannot express [how, what] she feels
  22. there are no words to [describe, express) what I feel
  23. there are no words (for)
  24. he doesn't mince his words
  25. they received word of his [death, promotion, plan]
  26. express your [idea, thoughts, emotions] in words
  27. only if you say the [magic, secret] word!
  28. (has to) have the last word (on)
  29. [start, go] when I give the word
  30. just say the word and (I'll)
  31. [promise not to, don't] breathe a word
  32. breathe a word (of this) to [anyone, your mother]
  33. you took the words (right) out of my mouth!
  34. don't know the words [to, of] this song
  35. the words [to, of] a [song, prayer, hymn]
  36. in a word - [no, yes]!
  37. a four-letter word
  38. the word of [God, the Gospel, the Pope]
  39. a [person, man, woman] of [few, many] words
n as adj
  1. word [games, puzzles, association]
  1. word a [sentence, phrase]
  2. word the [contract, agreement] so that
  3. word it so that [she, everyone] can understand
  4. word it [clearly, harshly, cleverly, politely, ambiguously, tactfully]
  5. let me word that [again, differently]
  6. worded that [poorly, well, strongly]
  7. worded yourself [poorly]
  8. could have worded myself better
  9. word and reword
  10. worded (so as) to [make reflect, avoid, protect, allow, include, ensure]
  11. worded as [follows, specified]
  12. worded for clarity
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