UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈwɔːkɪŋ/US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(wôking)

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. [street, valley, mountain, hill] walking
  2. [two] hours of walking
  3. walking is good for your [muscles, health, bones]
  4. walking is the [best, healthiest] exercise for her
  5. goes walking for [two] hours each day
  6. all the walking is making me [tired, exhausted]
  7. have [sores, blisters] from so much walking
  8. all this walking is hurting my [legs, feet]
  9. am tired [of, from] (this) walking
  10. no walking on the [grass, wet floors]
  11. gets paid for dog walking
  1. [use, have, need] a walking [cane, stick]
  2. my grandfather [gets around with, uses] a walking stick
  3. [take, go on, do] a walking tour [around, of]
  4. a walking tour of the [town, park, city]
  5. the [beach, city center, office] is within walking distance
  6. [haunted, chased, pursued] by the walking dead
  7. she is (known as) a walking dictionary
  8. is a walking [miracle, legend]
  9. is walking proof [of, that]
  10. a dog walking service
  11. buy [new, sturdy, good] walking shoes
WordReference English Collocations © 2020


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. walk [quickly, slowly, confidently]
  2. (let's) walk and talk
  3. walk with a [limp, swagger]
  4. walk in high heels
  5. [can't, learning to, starting to] walk
  6. walk or [run, bike, drive]
  7. (try to) run before you can walk
  8. [could, should, going to] walk
  9. would take [five minutes] to walk
  10. walk home after [work, school]
  11. walk to [work, school, the store]
  12. walk to [remember, honor]
  13. walk in [rows, lines]
  14. walk away from the [fight, disagreement]
  15. walk through the [woods, crowd, halls]
  16. walk around the [building, town]
  17. walk around the [barrier, car, building]
  18. walk around to the [side, back]
  19. walk around in [anticipation, fear]
  20. walk from one [place, side] to another
  21. walking on [water, the clouds]
  22. walk with me to
  23. walk the dog in the [morning, evening, park]
  24. walk into a [wall, pole]
  25. walking along the [beach, river]
  26. walking down the [road, street]
  27. walk [down, over] to the store for
  28. walk up to him and [say, ask]
  29. walk across the [lawn, field]
  30. walk out into the [rain, snow, cold, night]
  31. walk out on [her, a date]
  32. walked out of the [meeting, interview, room]
  33. walked away with [victory, the trophy, first prize]
  34. walked off with the [money, winnings, takings]
  35. walked off [angrily, hurriedly, disgustedly]
  36. walk off [the calories, lunch]
  37. walk the streets (at night)
  38. walk the line between [opinions, issues]
  39. walks the walk
  1. a [short, long, quick, brisk, stiff] walk
  2. is [within, just a, no more than] a [five-minute] walk (from)
  3. is just a short walk from [the station, here]
  4. has a [confident, nervous, funny, limp] walk
  5. a [woman's, model's] walk
  6. [marked, recommended, tourist, historical] walks
  7. [people, come] from all walks of life
  8. go (out) for a walk
  9. [take, go for] a walk to the [office, shops, station]
  10. [take] a walk [in, through] the [park, woods]
  11. [take] a walk around the [block, neighborhood, lake]
  12. [take] a walk before [breakfast, dinner, work]
  13. a walk along the [beach, shore]
  14. a walk in the [cold, sunshine, fall]
  15. [this, the mission, the assignment] will be a walk in the park
  16. the walk of shame
  17. walks the walk (but [can, does] he talk the talk?)
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