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  1. a [great, preposterous, workable] suggestion
  2. welcome (all) suggestions
  3. (all) suggestions are welcome
  4. have a suggestion for the [company, school, other members]
  5. have a suggestion to [improve, make, decrease]
  6. one of his (many) suggestions
  7. suggestions from [users, parents, students, workers, members]
  8. took his suggestion (and)
  9. that's [a great, a terrible, an interesting] suggestion
  10. take suggestions from the [public, crowd, students]
  11. a suggestion for improved [facilities, services, performance]
  12. submit a suggestion
  13. if I might make a suggestion
  14. can I make a suggestion?
  15. I just have one suggestion
  16. do you have any suggestions (for me)?
  17. [rejected, dismissed, ruled out] the suggestion
  18. a suggestion of [tears, remorse, guilt] in his eyes
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