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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. start with [appetizers, a drink]
  2. prices start at (just) [$4]
  3. will start in [January]
  4. start from [scratch, the beginning]
  5. start [over, again]
  6. (have to) start all over again
  7. start (everything) over
  8. stopping and starting
  9. allow me to start by [saying, introducing, choosing, asking]
  10. start drinking at [the party, noon]
  11. start [reading, watching, listening to]
  12. starting on page [two]
  13. start to feel [anxious, depressed, insecure]
  14. starting to look [old, older]
  15. start a [business, company]
  16. start your own [paper, publishing company]
  17. start [a program, college, your career]
  18. start a (new) [conversation, discussion]
  19. start the bidding at [$4]
  20. it started [raining, snowing]
  21. start off the [day, party] with
  22. started off on the wrong foot
  23. start out [strong, fast, unsure]
  24. start out with [nothing]
  25. start up the [engine, car]
  26. the [car, machine, engine] won't start
  27. the [trouble, problems, issue] started when
  28. the [noise, clap, explosion] caused everyone to start
  1. got a [good, slow, poor, quick, flying] start
  2. the [match, meeting, vacation] got off to a [good] start
  3. a [good] start to the [day, presentation]
  4. [needs, give him] a head start
  5. a [kick, push, jump, rolling] start
  6. the [athlete, swimmer, runner] was disqualified for a false start
  7. the [horses, cars, drivers] were [lined up, waiting] at the start
  8. the [player, athlete] has only made [four] starts (this season)
  9. wanted to get a head start on the [work, preparations]
  10. [promised, decided, vowed] to make a fresh start (in life)
  11. missed the start of the [play, movie, speech]
  12. his parents gave him his start by [buying him a house, paying off his loans]
  13. the start of the [new, summer, winter] season
  14. the start of the [day, week, year]
  15. (at) the start of the [race, event, ride]
  16. [you, the noise] gave me a start
  17. she awoke with a start
n as adj
  1. the start [line, button, switch]
  2. the start [date, position, time]
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