UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈsaɪtɪŋ/

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [wonderful, beautiful, ghastly, frightening, terrible] sight
  2. well, that is certainly a welcome sight
  3. a sight [for sore eyes, to behold]
  4. [tourist, landmark, famous] sights
  5. [take in, admire] the sight
  6. [marvel, gaze] at the sight (of)
  7. [took in, saw] all the sights of [London, New York]
  8. it was love at first sight
  9. was quite a sight after the [fight, brawl, journey]
  10. was quite the sight (to behold)
  11. have [poor, good, excellent] sight
  12. a [gradual, complete, partial] loss of sight
  13. [lost, regained, recovered] his sight
  14. her sight improved after the [operation, treatment]
  15. don't let the [boy, bag, suspect] out of your sight
  16. the [finish line, end] was in sight
  17. the [plane, object, coin] disappeared from sight
  18. the [plane] came into sight
  19. the police caught sight of the [suspect, criminal]
  20. they were ordered to [shoot, fire, kill] on sight
  21. had her in his sights
  22. lost sight of the [objective, aim, reason]
  23. the [target, boat, suspect] was within eye sight (of)
  24. out of prying sight
  25. out of sight, out of mind
  26. this [song, party, cocktail] is out of sight!
  27. UK: are not [ready, finished, done] by a long sight
  28. UK: it's a sight better to [be late] than [not to show up]
  29. the sights and sounds of
n as adj
  1. sight-reading
  2. [take, go for, get] a sight test
  3. sight [problem, loss]
  4. [bought, took] it sight unseen
  1. sighted [land, the island, the coast, a ship]
  2. sighted the [enemy, robber]
  3. sight an [error, mistake, inaccuracy]
  4. sighted for the first time
  5. sighted in [Texas]
  6. sighted [outside of, over, near] [New York]
  7. [a UFO, paranormal activity] was sighted over [New York]
  8. sighted to the [north, south] (of)
  9. never been sighted before
  10. [frequently, normally, commonly, occasionally, rarely, often] sighted
  11. sighted [his gun, her weapon, the missile]
  12. sight and [shoot, fire, launch]

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