US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(skrēming)

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [mighty, piercing, loud, muffled, primal] scream
  2. a scream for [help, attention, mercy]
  3. a scream of [anger, terror, rage, frustration]
  4. the scream of the [engines, sirens, alarms]
  5. let out a scream in [agony, pain, fear]
  6. tried to [suppress, hold, muffle] his scream
  7. heard screams coming from
  8. heard a scream coming from
  9. heard a scream from [outside, inside, upstairs, next door]
  10. a scream coming from the [attic, dentist's chair, garden]
  11. slang: that [comedian, movie, stand-up act] is a real scream!
  12. slang: [tag along, join us] -- it'll be a scream!
  13. scream at [me, the students, her mother]
  14. stop screaming!
  15. don't scream
  16. scream out loud
  17. scream for [help, ice cream, more]
  18. scream (out) in [horror, agony, excitement]
  19. scream with [horror]
  20. scream the [answer, order, message]
  21. scream from [within, inside, the rooftops]
  22. [sirens, the baby, the cats] screamed
  23. UK, idiom: scream blue murder
  24. scream your head off
  25. [shouting, yelling, kicking] and screaming
  26. [began, wanted, tried] to scream
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