UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈrʌʃt/

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. had to make a rushed [choice, decision]
  2. did a rushed job [with, on] the [painting, repairs, preparations]
  3. made a rushed job of [the painting, it]
  4. be rushed into [accepting, choosing, deciding, making, going]
  5. too rushed to [take, go, finish, pick up]
  6. am (feeling) very rushed today
WordReference English Collocations © 2020


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. rush to [the store, work, school]
  2. rushed to [get, make, buy, tell, greet]
  3. rush around (like crazy)
  4. rush around [town, the house]
  5. rushing around in the [morning, evening]
  6. rush into the [house, store]
  7. rush out of the [house]
  8. rush over to the [hospital, house]
  9. rushed [over, through, towards]
  10. (there's) no need to rush
  11. UK: you needn't rush
  12. you can't rush [genius, art]
  13. rush through the [book, homework, exam]
  14. rush through life
  15. rush into a [relationship, marriage]
  16. rush to judgment
  17. rushed off with [her, his girlfriend]
  18. rush the [work, job, project]
  19. rush ahead with the [plan, idea]
  20. the [blood, adrenaline] rushed
  21. (feel it) rushing through her [body, veins]
  22. [water, gas, fluid] rushed out
  23. the [train, car, motorbike] rushed by
  24. sports: rushed [the ball, 150 yards, over the line]
  1. a [crazy, mad, sudden, mighty] rush
  2. during the [mid morning, evening] rush
  3. there was a rush for [bargains, sale items, special offers]
  4. there was a rush to [buy, get, make, have]
  5. a rush to get the best [deals, seats]
  6. in a rush to get [out, away, to the front]
  7. in a rush to make a [decision, move, choice]
  8. [was, got] trampled in the rush to (get out)
  9. [sorry, I can't] - I'm in a rush
  10. [what's, why] the rush?
  11. a [head, brain, blood, sugar] rush
  12. gave me a rush [when, to]
  13. that [ride, experience] was such a rush!
  14. be patient, there's no rush
  15. [experienced, suffered, had] a (sudden) rush of blood (to the head)
  16. they [struck it, got] rich during the gold rush
  17. a rush of [blood, adrenaline, excitement]
  18. cinema: [watching, editing] the rushes
  19. rushes [in, by] the pond
n as adj
  1. the rush hour [traffic, tailbacks, transit]
  2. it was a (bit of a) rush job
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