UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈrʌnɪŋ/US:USA pronunciation: IPA and respellingUSA pronuncation: IPA/ˈrʌnɪŋ/ ,USA pronunciation: respelling(runing)

From the verb run: (⇒ conjugate)
running is: Click the infinitive to see all available inflections
v pres pverb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing."
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. go running every [morning, evening, Sunday]
  2. running helps you lose [weight, calories, excess fat]
  3. went running in the [park, forest, streets]
  4. the [50th] running of the [race, Derby, event]
  5. there are three [teams, candidates, players] in the running
  6. still in the [presidential, congressional] running
  7. still in the running for [president]
  8. the [candidate, politician] was out of the running
  9. are in the running to [claim, win, get] the prize
  10. is in the running for the [prize, award, position]
  11. in the running for the [top, first] prize
  12. the running of a [business, company, store, shop]
  13. the daily running of a [business]
n as adj
  1. a running [app, top, belt]
  2. wear running [shorts, shoes, gear, kit]
  1. (can hear) running water
  2. a [cottage, house] without running water
  3. running [commentary, narration] on
  4. a running joke [about, that]
  5. a running battle over
  6. a running [sore, boil]
  7. took a running [leap, jump]
  8. got off to a running start
  1. has [won, finished, been reelected] [three years] running
  2. has [won] for the [third year] running
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. run [fast, quickly, the fastest]
  2. run [5K, a marathon]
  3. run in a [race, competition]
  4. run and [hide, play, jump]
  5. running in circles
  6. run to [safety, get help]
  7. run for [help, your lives, the hills]
  8. run to [work, the store]
  9. run by [work]
  10. the [robber, criminal, thief] ran (away)
  11. ran from the scene (of the crime)
  12. ran away from home
  13. run away from your problems
  14. run off with your [girlfriend, lover]
  15. his [wife, girlfriend, partner] ran off and left him
  16. ran off with the [money, jewels, goods]
  17. run around [town, like crazy]
  18. run into the [distance, sunset]
  19. run into [trouble, problems, difficulties]
  20. ran into her [on the street, at the mall]
  21. ran across her [on the street]
  22. running [late, on time]
  23. running behind (schedule)
  24. run on [battery power, solar power, gas]
  25. running short [on, of] [power]
  26. run out of [time, flour, money, coffee]
  27. [time] is running out
  28. run for [president, office]
  29. ran over [his foot, a pothole, the pedestrian]
  30. (let's) run over the [answers, main points]
  31. [rain, raindrops] ran down [the window, her face]
  32. [tears, teardrops] ran down [the window, her face, his cheeks]
  33. the colors ran in the wash
  34. ran his car into [an ATM, the back of a truck]
  35. run the program
  36. ran a [credit, background] check
  37. runs [her own business, the store, a restaurant]
  38. (you) run the risk of
  39. ran the [gauntlet, gamut] of
  40. is (always) running his mouth off
  41. run my [ideas, proposals, thoughts] by you
  42. run that by me again
  43. the [ship, boat] ran aground
  44. [children, kids] have run me ragged
  45. the [water, well, faucet] ran dry
  1. a [quick, short, brief, long, lengthy] run
  2. a [sponsored, charity, fundraising, park] run
  3. a [five-mile, 10K] run
  4. the [usual, standard, local, neighborhood] run
  5. a [morning, afternoon, evening, dawn] run
  6. [go for, take] a run
  7. a run around the [park, block, lake]
  8. a [ski, bobsled, cross-country] run
  9. a [beginner, black diamond] run
  10. do the [morning, afternoon, evening, daily] run
  11. the [battery, generator, machine] has a [24] -hour run
  12. had a [clear, smooth, good] run
  13. [on, during, when I do] the school run
  14. there was a run on the [banks, markets, shares]
  15. the [children, boys, girls] had the run of the house
  16. the [home, local, visiting] team scored [nine] runs
  17. the batsman [smashed, hit, scored] a home run
  18. (made) a quick run for the [door, exit, border]
  19. (let's) make a run for it
  20. a [quick, short] run to the [office, store]
  21. on the run from the [police, law, authorities]
  22. the daily run to the [stores, grocers, supermarket]
  23. the [mail, delivery] man's usual run
  24. in the [normal] run of [events, things]
  25. a run of [good, bad] luck
  26. a run of five [wins, losses, draws, ties]
  27. have an [ace high] run
  28. is [better, faster, more expensive] in the long run
  29. [got, have] the runs!
  30. a [rabbit, chicken] run
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